Another day, another dollar!

I got paid on friday past and to show for it I have £40 left. I had my rent, council tax, gas bill, TV and phone bill and now a catalogue bill for £65. Isn’t it strange how we try and earn as much as we can to “pay the bills” but the more we earn, the more we have to pay out!

I’ve built another website this weekend, this time for Hercys business Canny Tours. I really like this one and I have worked hard on it, although it is still working progress. Hercy better like it or I’ll kill him!

In another month or so I have 2 weeks off. This is, in theroy my summer holiday, although it seems due to lack of funds, we’re doing a family run. A family run is basically Tom and I dragging the dog around our families for the holiday period within the limited time available. I really wanted to go to Cornwall this year but hey, one day.

Regarding money, I have been digging my catalogue account out and have bought an Apple MacBook to use as my web developer tool. This is instead of my PC, which is continuously hijacked by the boys for gaming purposes. We’ll see how long it stays as my web development tool when Tom see the new toy.

Hello world!

Ay, up? How’s it going? Well my name is Mookey and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am different, apart from being a gaming chick I have an ileo-anal pouch. I guess a quick run down on my pouch is, I had UC and my colon developed a small hole, so I had it removed and a pouch fitted.

Any how, I’m guessing you’re not interested in stuff like that but I do offer advice and stories so you’ll probably get to read a few.

I have a wide collection of games.  Mostly for my DS and Xbox.  I’m trying to save money to buy a Wii and Xbox 360, especially for Hallo 3 and GTA4.  I also develop CSS websites and is something I want to do as a profession.  I’ve only just started a full time job as an Administrator but I’m hoping a year later I’ll be good enough to move on.

Ello there

Hi there, this is my attempt mark 304 to write a blog, I think. OK, the reason why I am going to try and keep this one, is so everyone who keeps asking me what I am up to can see and read and find out. It’s just to prove I am still alive and getting on with things. I keep forgetting to reply to text message and I hardly see anyone in person at the moment.

I’m now working full time for a company called Scotwebs. After working for nearly two years in a shop, I must admit I feel more tired coming home after 8 hours at a computer screen. Than the 10 hours I used to do working in a shop.

At least I get the weekends off and try and spend some time with my boyfriend and pooch. I’m hoping over the next few months there will be some major changes, some I can’t reveal just yet, but should be all good in the end.