Hello world!

Ay, up? How’s it going? Well my name is Mookey and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am different, apart from being a gaming chick I have an ileo-anal pouch. I guess a quick run down on my pouch is, I had UC and my colon developed a small hole, so I had it removed and a pouch fitted.

Any how, I’m guessing you’re not interested in stuff like that but I do offer advice and stories so you’ll probably get to read a few.

I have a wide collection of games.  Mostly for my DS and Xbox.  I’m trying to save money to buy a Wii and Xbox 360, especially for Hallo 3 and GTA4.  I also develop CSS websites and is something I want to do as a profession.  I’ve only just started a full time job as an Administrator but I’m hoping a year later I’ll be good enough to move on.

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