Money, the root of all evil!

Most of my friends know I’m good with my money. I work hard to make sure my bills are paid and help those who don’t have a lot of money. During the months of December to March, I was working part time for Hawkshead. I was earning about £550 per month and it was enough to pay my rent and some bills.

At the weekend I received a letter from a credit agency, demanding I paid £1200 within 7 days. How the hell can I pay over a grand in 7 days when I couldn’t even afford the £40 a month. I had to phone this credit agency (Scott +) and asked them nicely if I could re-pay the debt on a low amount. They demanded I paid £140 a month or they would arrest my wages. I tried to explain to them that I lived off £750 a month and that my rent was £500. Taking that much money off me would leave me really stuck.

They didn’t care, I had to agree to the amount and be done with it. After my phone call I decided to phone the council and found out that credit agencies have an earning scheme. So back to the credit agency I went and managed to reduce the amount to £70 a month. I am going to the citizen advice bureau to try and get it reduced even more.

I am so angry that companies treat everyone like we’re criminals. Everyone, some time in their life falls into debt, yet it is treated like you have done this on purpose. Not everyone in this world earns £15,000 a year and some people have other financial commitments each month. This company wanted to arrest my wages, this means I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, thous I would lose my flat. How could this benefit anyone?

If some one is in financial difficulty it is because they have NO MONEY! I live off £2 A DAY!!! I don’t drink, smoke even get my hair cut, because I can’t afford it.

There should be an assessment for people who are in debt, so that payments are made with out other consequences. Unless you are one of those people who spends all their money on clothes, then you do have a problem and should get a life!

Rant over…..

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