Stressful situation a head

I am meant to be traveling to my home town of Walney Island. The thing is I don’t want to go and face the rath of my little brother and to be honest it is for something I had no control over.

Mike, my brother bought my mum a dog last year. Poppy was left with mum for company since Dad and then Mike had all left home. My Mum worked 12 hours shifts and Poppy (the dog) was being left in the house with no training all day every day.

Mum called me and told me she was going to get rid of Poppy unless Tom and I could find a home for her, so we took her on. At first it was just to train her up and make sure her loo habits we normal. My Mum then decided it wasn’t fair to bring Poppy back to her house after spending so long with us, so we were allowed to keep her.

My brother some how thinks I took Poppy away from Mum and will not give her back, I am a dog kidnapper and thus should be excluded from the family, and most likely rot in hell.

I have tried to speak with him and he wants nothing to do with me. This really hurts me as I thought I was close to him and now I have found out he just likes people when it suite him. To keep the peace my Mum has bought him a puppy, great I thought but it seems that he will still have nothing to do with me.

I always thought that when you are part of a family, as a family you work together and look out for each other – I guess I was wrong.

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