Pocky a monkey today!

I went to a local Thai shop this evening, to buy some seaweed for our pizza this evening. As I was looking around I found these wee snacky sweet things called Pocky.

I’ve had them before, well strawberry ones a while ago but now I am soooo happy as I have a very own Mookey variety!


Tom and I went to Belladrum and it was fantastic!!! Way better than last year, OK the weather wasn’t great and during Saturday and Sunday we all got a bit muddy, but we still went to see bands.

Pouchies was better this year (note the picture) and even tho the portaloos were just as messy last year, I found taking wipes and loo roll with me enabled me to clean the loo as much as I could before using it.

We went to see Peatbog Faeries on the Friday and both Tom and me bounced around for nearly an hour. My body was sore afterwards and the bass woke pouchie up a few times but it was fun. On Saturday I really wanted to see James and we managed to stand close to the stage but to the side, so no one pushing and bumping into me.

We are hoping to go again next year and take the big tent, more room you see. It was also good as we had our friends around us so we had people to chat too and drink plenty of cups of tea.

To view more of the photos here is a link to the photobucket range.

Keep on boucing!!!

Here comes Belladrum Mark 2!

We are doing it again!!! Tom and I are going to try for a second time to camp at Belladrum on Thursday (9th Aug 07).

Last year was OK, kind of new for me to camp with Pouchie but I think we have learnt some lessons and we are trying again, to have a complete success this year.

Adam and the Peatbogs are playing on the Friday and he managed to get us two free tickets to go. It looks like a few of the lads are going too, so we are hoping for more of a party atmosphere.

I have made a flag this year, a tartan badger to fly high above the tent. I have used bits of tartan from work to make the picture of the badger so I hope it looks OK.

Any way, stay tuned for more news, as I will try and send some cool pictures from Bella at the weekend!