Pack your Bags, We’re Off!!!!

Well here is some news for one and all, Tom and I are moving to Inverness!!!!

Tom leaves in a week from now and I’ll be moving up as soon as I have finished my notice at Scotweb. It is all very scary and we have two new people moving into our room TODAY!!!!

We are moving to Toms family home in Stratherrick until we have some money and get our own place. We’ll keep you posted on developments but there is one thing to think about…. PARTY!!!!!

Times they are a changing!

Well, we’ve had a rather busy time of it at late. Adam moved out in September and we had to find someone as soon as possible. Luck for us Amy came a long and so Girl’s rule at Alphabet Castle!!!

Tom and I have also made a big decision, we’re off to Inverness at the end of November. We’re going to stay at Stratherrick over Xmas and Tom can start working, he can support me for a change!

It’s a big step for me but I think I am ready to go. Edinburgh is way too expensive for me and I want to do things with my life. It annoys me that I work my heart out and have nothing to show for it.

So the next few months are going to be scary and stressful. Just hope I don’t kill Tom before we go!!