My last walk to work

Today was my last walk into work and lucky for me the weather was dry and clear skies. It was bloody freezing and should of worn my hat but it was nice to watch the sun rise. This was walking through Meadows Park, half way to work.

I’ve been walking to and from work for the past 4 weeks and man I have noticed a difference. I was told I’ve been walking 6 miles a day, so it should be making a difference.

Any way, working through my last day and it is so cool. Not too sure when I’m heading up to Inverness, having to wait for Tom to sort something out. Should be soon though.

Bought some funky boots from Fat Face that should keep my toes nice and warm. All I have to is get some warm jumpers for the cold. My god I might even see snow!!!!

Tick tock – watching the time go slowly by!!!

Who forgot to pay the bill?

Gemma and were walking home from work and popped in to a shop to chat to a friend of mine. All of a sudden the lights went out and we stood in complete darkness. As we walked down to Toll Cross the whole area was in complete darkness apart from lights reflecting from the traffic.

There were no traffic lights, all the flats were in darkness and the shop staff we wondering whether to stay open or close. It was really cool to see the whole area all dark and people where just walking around looking at the atmosphere.

From Bruntsfield Links right down to Toll Cross was black – it was so cool!!!