The Suidhe Pass

Today Hercy, David Adam, Tom, Poppy and myself went for a walk up the Suidhe, a short distance by car from Tom’s house. We went to watch the sunset and my god it was beautiful!!

We were looking over Loch Ness and could see above the mist that was covering the area. There were stags drinking from a small watering hole nearby too. Never got a photo of it though.

Poppy had a great time sliding around on the iced pounds. Although after a while she was getting her footing and playing fetch with peoples gloves. It was amazing up there and although it was a little cold, I enjoyed the climb.

A room with a view

Well I have managed to get my butt up the road (on the train) to Inverness. So far, it has rained every single day but we did get a break in the weather. There is also snow on them there hills and it is so quiet.

The picture is, in theory my back garden. The sun was setting and a mist coming over the fields.

Tom was having to get some wood for the stove so I took some photos.

It’s so nice up here, the pace of life is so different to Edinburgh and I can see the stars on a clear night.

On the Saturday night, we went out to The Kitchen to celebrate Toms Mum’s birthday. It was a nice venue and the food was fantasic.

The rest of the week has been getting my stuff organised and changing my address. Oh the joys of moving house!!