Scnee in the Sneck!!!!!!

Winter finally arrived today, when we had heavy snow fall. I was loving it although I don’t think the animals enjoyed it.

The day started dry and clear, which was a supprise as it never stopped raining. At around about 11 o’clock this morning it snowed. It snowed for 4 hours, non stop. It was fantastic!!!! I put on my new Snow Boots and my funky long socks. We helped Gran feed the sheep, as they had moved to the top of the field. There are lots of trees up there, so they were sheltering from the snee.

After that, we walked with Gran back to her house. Where we had a few cups of Tea with cake and Pizza. Then off we went back to Chapel House. By now the snow had stopped and we watched the sun set over the white topped mountains. It was so beautiful, as the red sky reflected off the white and the red glow shone through everything.

We then went back to the end of the field and fed the sheep some more. Put the chicken and ducks away in their houses, and restocked the house with coal and kindle. This country life is hard work, but I’m loving it.

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