I want my hour back!

At 1.00 am this morning the clocks went forward and everyone in the UK lost an hour sleep.  This morning I woke up tired and niffed off that my sleep routine was messed up.

OK there were other factors to me being niffed off but I am wondering why we still need to have this hour change in todays society.

We live in a 24 hours country, where day light doesn’t effect us as much as it use to.  My other half sleeps all day as it is so he’s not effected.  Children don’t walk to school as much and farmers work first thing in the morning any way, come snow, rain, dark or light.

So why is this country still messing with time?  Do any other countries have to go through day light savings time?

So it’s lighter in the morning, wow – I still have to get up and go to work during the winter when it’s dark, so it doesn’t matter to me if it is slightly lighter!

OK rant over but am I the only one who thinks this is mental in todays society?


Catch Up!

OK, sorry to all you folks out there, I’ve been so busy I haven’t up dated my blog in ages!!!

Well, so far I have been finishing filming the documentary with Lili and the guys. Althought it was soggy for a few days, we managed to get it in the can. I have also been working at the camp site and making cards to be sold this Friday.

It is World Prayer Day and we are having sandwiches in the hall after mass. Today I’ll be making cakes as well to feed the crowd.

So, I have been busy making cards and filming. I have also been working with Hercy on his projects and on top of all that we have had Amy up from Edinburgh.

I was given an Xbox 360 and haven’t had much time to play it. Everytime I come back or have time to play it, the boys are on it!!! SO not fair!!!

Two days ago, we had a thick layer of snow, which kinda shocked me, since it’s now March.

So, there you go. I am still around, just!!! Although I have been really busy.