George Carlin R.I.P

George Carlin died yesterday from heart problems, at the age of 71.  I remember him from Bill and Ted films but got to watch some of his stand up shows on dvd.

He might of been rude and crude but he spoke about normal simple things and will be sadly missed on the scene.

It’s here!!!!

DVD Cover

OK, a few of you know that during January and February I was filming with Lili and Paul. This was for a short film documentary being shown at Edinburgh Film Festival.

Well the release date is 21st June and will be held at Edinburgh Filmhouse (I believe!). Anyway here is the DVD cover (OMG!) and I thought I would share it with you.

I am soooo nervous about it now. I hope I don’t come out that a dumb ass and I hope it does really well for Lili and the guys. It was a lot of fun making it and I am looking forward to the after show party.

Any way, if you do go and see it, please be gentle with me afterwards!!!