Pass the Tissues!!!!!

Well can you just tell when Summer goes…… every one gets a cold and not just a sniffle, full blown head colds.  Tom and I have been joined in the wonderful art on tissues passing from one end of the room to the other.  We have both been infected by a cold that feels more like Flu.  Infact I felt awful as I was taking the piss out of Tom for a few days, saying he had “Man Flu” when the following day I had it!

My only problem was I was unable to work and I was wondering why you always feel bad for phoning into work and telling them you are unable to make it for a cold.  People think you’re strange or something, yet if I went in they would all say “you look awful, you should of stayed at home!”.

So anyway, here’s to all those poor sods with nasty colds at the moment, and to those who are about to get it!!!

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