And now for something completely different……

For all you Youtube heads out there.  He’s a 24 year old Norwegian animater, who has come up with a unique way of animating video and sound.  Lasse Gjertsen filmed himself playing different notes then edited them together to form a musical piece.

Check out others on his youtube channel!!!

One for all the Daft Punk fans out there.  I wish I had the imagination to come up with this type of stuff.  My art school days where rather boring!!!  Although I did get to make a pop video once!


A different kind of review…..

If you’re like me and enjoy the odd computer game, then this website is for you!!!!  A quick and no-nonsense guide to the new games coming out on different formats.

This kind of review is slightly different to, let’s say normal reviews, but it is well animated, scripted and in some cases funny.  Get clicking to Zero Punctuation and have a look at his past and present reviews.

PS – not for small children or those who are easily offended!!!

Respect where it’s due!!!

David Gilmour

I’ve had a strange week here in the land of Mookey.  Work is getting increasingly busy, TF2 is going through a mind warp with me and I have listened to Pink Floyd all week.

Now some people might think listening to Pink Floyd is nothing new, but I’m 34 years old and have only just got it.  I listened to Echoes, Dark side of the moon and some of their early work and for the first time I get it.  I thought it was Hippy (no offence to Hippies!) music tripping off drugs, but it’s not.

I also watched on the BBC David Gilmour in Gdansk and thought “he’s a bloody good guitarist!” so I started watching more stuff, granted it was on Youtube.  So I wish to state I am a Pink Floyd believer and respect to them guys, who at the age of 60 something, Still Rock!!!!

Related to this pt 2!!!

I don’t get to see my Uncle Dave as much. Me being up here in Inverness and him, traveling the world being a star. So every now and then I like to try to catch up with the gossip on the web.

Found this little gem on the old YouTube and died in a little inside. Not too sure what it was though…. the attempt to get his legs up, falling in to the pool (doesn’t matter as he’s used to getting wet, being by the sea) or the fact he’s wearing a skin tight silver shimmer jumpsuit????? You decided!