Holiday to Walney

Alison, Helen and Me

Alison, Helen and Me

Last week Tom, Poppy and I came back from a two week holiday to Walney. Apart from trying to catch up with my family, we attended the wedding of Helen and Morgan. Helen is my cousin and I haven’t seen her for 6 years, before my operation with Pouchie.

Thankfully the day was fine and sunny, the wedding was perfect! The church service was held at Rampside, near Roose and the ‘do’ was held at Merewood, near to Windermere.

Pouchie was fine, but had a bit of a moan towards the end of the night.

Poppy & Holly

Poppy got to catch up with Holly and was rather shocked to see the new haircut my brother gave her. Holly had a major short back and sides before we came down. We spent nearly everyday on the beach out side my Mum’s house, playing with the dogs. It was nice and sunny nearly ever day we were there.

We came home on the Saturday and I was soon back to work a few days later, back to the really world. I have become quite home sick the past week but it’s getting better. I guess I miss having my own space and being near to humans, rather than sheep we have surrounding us up here.

I’m hoping to pop back soon before the bad weather sets in.