Happy Birthday to me!!! Here have a flat!!

Hello Peeps!!! Yet again I am sorry for the lack of communication but you see……. Tom and I have moved house!!!! We looked at a few places in town, one was really nice, we accepted, we signed and a week a go we moved in!

We are still living out of boxes and sleeping on a camp bed until we can afford a bed but we’re happy. It takes me 30 minutes to get to work rather than 2 hours, which means I have more time to sleep.

Tom is looking for a job but that’s it…… he’s looked.

Today is my Birthday and I am 36. Just feels like another day really as we have nothing planned. It is hard to have a birthday so near to Christmas as everyone is either too busy or too skint to do anything. Think we’re going to have a nice meal and watch movies……. exciting eh?