Good Intentions

My Orange Hat

So when the year began 6 months ago I was ready to reorganise my blogs and online accounts, organise my photos and make more of myself on the Internet…… and this didn’t happen.

Since January my whole life has been slowly going down a very large toilet and only since last Thursday have I beentrying to taking back the control.

What has happened is my working environment has deteriorated so much I quit, with no other future job to go to but I had to leave.  Enough was enough and the whole atmosphere I was working in was making me ill, but I mean physically ill.  My illness has begun again and I am beginning to develope symptoms of autoimmune conditions due to overstressed body.  So I went into work on Thursday past and quit.

As well as a poisoned work place to deal with, Tom lost his job so to say in March, my cousin has developed leukemia and a few friend of mine are currently battling through Cancer.

This has all caused much stress in my life, between Tom and I things have become rather stretched and it doesn’t need to be.

This week is going to be positive and I am a little nervous but I think I will find another job soon enough, I really do hope any way.  I have my knitting to keep my going although can’t make much of a living from it myself, not that good at it.

I will keep you updated but the Summer is here and I will soon be having a weekend away to London with the boys…… ah yes…… about that…….  I have to go in a plane and fly down AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!