We all need some stress in our lives!

My employment ends on Thursday 24th and so far today I don’t have another job to go to. I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well. On the plus side I have a job interview on Friday but my problem has been loads of interview, no bloody jobs from the end of them.

I’ve had a mixed responce from my departure. Some have said I was stupid and shouldn’t of done it. Some have said I needed to do it and something else will come along. Now I wonder whether I have just dug a bigger hole for myself and am ready just to throw myself in it on Thursday.

As well as the stress of losing everything in my life, ie the flat, bills and food, I have to go on a plane to London on Friday which I am also stressing out about. I don’t like flying, not natural and it’s not as if you can pop off inbetween stops.

I thought maybe leaving my job would encourage Tom to get a job and it hasn’t. So it looks like we’re doomed!