Hi there… … still here!!!

Well I am unable to send emails from my phone anymore, why I don’t know. Ask Vodafone as they are the ones who keep cutting my access off.

Even when I re-config my phone, sign up to their emailing system they still cut me off. So, for the moment we have to do this the old fashion way until I get a new service provder.

I was made redundant on the 31st March, so I have been a bit busy trying to get another job sorted. All is well at the moment as I am temping in the council so we have some money coming in and I’m not stuck at home.

Everyong is really nice in the office and I’m getting to do loads of IT work, so sharpening my skills. There has been a few other problems going on but that’s slowly getting sorted out.

So hope to up date some more soon, take care and bye for now!!