OK, so you want to know a few things about me…..

I was born and raised on Walney Island, off the coast of Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. I moved to Edinburgh in 1996 and have continued to live here after Napier University (which I attended between 2001 and 2005).

During my 20’s I used to be a newsroom researcher for radio stations. I used to love my job and although it was very long hours (6 days a week) and working to a deadline, I met some really cool people. I could say it was an experience.

Now I am trying to be a CSS programmer or maybe you call it a designer, not too sure but hey – I want to do it.

In 2001, I fell ill with Ulcerative Colitis and had to have an operation in 2003 to have my colon removed. I had an Ileo-anal pouch fitted (other wise known as a J Pouch) which I have named Pouchie. It’s like having a little creature living instead of me and sometimes he can a right pain in the butt!

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