Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year one and all!  2013 is a big deal for me as it was 10 years ago in September my pouch was created and all that nasty Colitis was removed.  It is scary to think it’s been that long as so much has happened since then that I have had to go through, some bad, some good but I have had the strength and my health to get through it.

Pouchie and I have been through some adventures but we’re still going strong and hope for another 10 years if we are blessed.

So I am going to try and update the blog to reflect the past 10 years and update the information as a lot has happened medically over the past decade.

Take care on and all!!!

Interesting interview with Lewis Moody and living with UC

If you are in the UK or certainly have access to the BBC, you should aim to check out the interview with rugby player Lewis Moody how has UC and describes his life dealing with the presure of playing for his country and living with the illness