Who ever dug me up – put me back!

Been blessed this week of being given a cruel cold and the joy of the feeling my face has acid in it. Hurts when i put it on the pillow. The one joy i have of snuggling in my pillow and it’s too painful! That’s not fair!

oh well back to my 3 hour a night kip and ramble thoughts of communication. Oh btw blackcurrent Lemsip makes pouchie purple and a bit moanie

Still Looking…..

It’s been 4 weeks since I left my job and I am still looking for a job. I have ben going to interviews every week nearly every day but just don’t seem to get anything.

I’m not going to give up on hope as I know I will get another job but there is some good coming out of this. Tom is beginning to get himself together and he’s going to the social and applying for work.

Another interview tomorrow which I would like to do, Highland Hospice Admin work, fingers crossed. Never got the temp job I went for today, oh well at least I got a blister from it instead.

Onwards and upwards eh!

Not a good time at the moment!

Well I have been out of work for 2 weeks now and so far 3 job interviews gone and still no employment. Have another interview and I have everything crossed in a hope I might get it. It is something I am able to do and know I can do it and would be happy working there, but it depends on how hard the assessment is and who else is going to be there.

If I don’t get this then I am defo going to have to sign on and get benefits until I get something. There is a very possiblity that Tom might come along too as we’re going to need the extra cash.

I will get a job, I am so sure I will but when I don’t know. Feeling very down at the moment and I really hope something comes along soon!

Back from Larrrdddaaaannnnn

Going Underground!

Going Underground!

Tom and I went to London the weekend of the 25th to see They Might Be Giants play at the Royal festival Hall.  There were a few of us there, Adam, Patrick, Michael and Steven were there so a great time was had by all.  We stayed at St Pancras YHA and the place was really nice and really nice staff.  A must for anyone who is happy to sleep in a bunk bed!

We flew down to London on the Friday and came back on Monday, although it was meant to be on the Sunday.  Flight was cancelled due to staff flying hours.  Any way, the concert was fantastic and the weather was hot and sticky.  Major downer for me was my hayfever playing up and so my eyes look and felt awful all weekend.  The concert made it all better though.

We did the tourist thing and walked round the city thanks to Patrick’s guide tours.  Easier when you know people who have lived there and can take you round!  Came back to Inverness and had 3 interviews within the 5 days, so been rather busy now trying to get myself a job.  Another interview coming up if I’m not lucky this week.

My brother William had a baby boy two days ago and it was my twin brother’s birthday on the 2nd July, so happy birthday boys!  Trying to catch up with my knitting projects before the weather turns and I’ll be knitting things for winter.  Already have things planned for me and Xmas presents.  Next thing I have to plan for is Alison’s wedding in December, really need to lose weight for it too!

We all need some stress in our lives!

My employment ends on Thursday 24th and so far today I don’t have another job to go to. I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well. On the plus side I have a job interview on Friday but my problem has been loads of interview, no bloody jobs from the end of them.

I’ve had a mixed responce from my departure. Some have said I was stupid and shouldn’t of done it. Some have said I needed to do it and something else will come along. Now I wonder whether I have just dug a bigger hole for myself and am ready just to throw myself in it on Thursday.

As well as the stress of losing everything in my life, ie the flat, bills and food, I have to go on a plane to London on Friday which I am also stressing out about. I don’t like flying, not natural and it’s not as if you can pop off inbetween stops.

I thought maybe leaving my job would encourage Tom to get a job and it hasn’t. So it looks like we’re doomed!